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Tallahassee Go Club

A few moments to learn, a lifetime to master

There are a ton of resources out there to help you learn, play, and enjoy Go.

To learn the rules, check out this simple interactive introduction or Go Magic's video "How to Play Go — Beginner Tutorial".

As you progress, you will find more resources that fit your particular learning style. A noteworthy series of videos for beginners is the Clossi Approach Series by Clossius. For those seeking more advanced videos, consider exploring shygost's YouTube channel, especially the "How Strong Players Think In Go (The List)" playlist.

A wonderful site with interactive courses, problems, and lessons is Go Magic.

To play online, we recommend (OGS). We have a private OGS group that club members are welcome to join.

OGS itself does not have an official mobile app. However, there are excellent third-party apps that connect to OGS. For iOS devices, you can use Surround, and for Android devices, you can use Sente.